Litter Picking - Maidstone Riverside Rotary

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Litter Picking

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Monday 31st May
  • There were 12 of us at the Malta Inn /Allington lock this morning  so we were able to clear the litter under the Motorway bridge and the paths up to the Millenium Park bridge.

4th July, 25th July & 1st August 2021
  • Several attempts were made to take part in the “Protect Your Parks this Summer “ focusing on Mote Park,  but  due to heavy rain and thunder on all three of  the dates arranged we could not go ahead. There have also been several Music and Food events in Mote Park during August so MBC have been carrying out increased litter collections to  ensure the park has not been over run with litter.

We are planning to resume litter picking in September.

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