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Welcome to my blog. I hope to add to this at various times during the year

3rd October 2020

Another month gone and it looks likely that due to Covid we won't be able to meet weekly at the lodge until Spring 2021 at the earliest. However we still are on Zoom once a week currently, and had an excellent speaker last week from Solihull Rotary Club. We also managed a couple of hours litter picking along the Medway which amassed over 100Kg of litter, including a bike frame and a shopping trolley. Our website now has an on-line auction page which hopefully members can auction and bid for products and services similar to e-bay. Later this month some members will be visiting our local Gin distillery which should prove an entertaining couple of hours.

2nd September 2020

The weather held out for Social gathering on 23rd August, and everyone had a very enjoyable 3 hours. Sadly one of our members passed away recently and will be sorely missed by all at the club. On a brighter note we have had some excellent speakers recently both from within the club (painting and cars) and externally (MBC leader and A Willington player). One social event organised for October, a visit to Maidstone Gin Distillery followed by lunch. We are also participating in the National litter picking initiative in late September along the banks of the Medway. Having a weeks holiday next week on IOW, and hopefully on my return we will still have a club.

9th August 2020

Things are slowly taking shape, and we hopefully have a formal social gathering at one of members beautiful gardens on Sunday 23rd August. Committees are meeting and coming up with a range of excellent suggestions. Weekly meetings still on Zoom, but also hopefully, thanks to comprehensive risk assessments we can meet back at our normal venue face to face and with a meal. Planning also going ahead for our Dutch friends visit next May and a 21 mile sponsored walk for Shelterbox in June. So normality slowly returning, let's hope it continues please.

25th Jul 2020

Well here we are 4 weeks into my Presidency. 1 official function so far, district handover in Mote Park. A nice sunny day out and free prosecco! We have had 3 online meetings, with various degrees of success, and some interesting speakers. As we come out of lockdown and restrictions are eased I hope we can meet face-to-face again in the not too distant future. In the meantime club committees are starting to meet and ideas are being planned for the coming year.

Best Wishes


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