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Why should I join Maidstone Riverside

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Are you the sort of person that wants to give something back to the community but
doesn’t know how? Do you feel that by simply giving a donation to a deserving cause
doesn’t feel personal enough? Are you looking for a more fulfilling way of serving the
community on a voluntary basis? Are you looking a fresh goal in life – a new sense of

If the answer to any of those questions is “Yes” then maybe being a member of our club
will help you with these ambitions.

Whether it’s helping a local charity or project in the Maidstone, a wider national cause, or
even having the opportunity to venture overseas and take part in Rotary’s International
programmes like “End Polio Now” or our own club’s international projects – the scope is
endless. Like all things being a Rotarian is very much a case of “You get out of being a
member what you put in” – the more active you are the rewarding the experience will be.

That’s why you should consider being a member of Maidstone Riverside Rotary Club!
– but don’t just take our word why not come along to one of our meetings and see for
yourself! You’ll meet a whole team of like minded men and women all dedicated to
serving those less fortunate than ourselves.

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