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What we do

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Club Projects
At Maidstone Riverside we firmly believe in the principle of fun and fellowship whilst we aim to help areas of the Community. We have projects supporting local and international charities and community organisations. A selection of these are mentioned below. For the latest updates on recent projects please see our Club News page. If you would like to find out more about our club or visit us at one of our Tuesday meetings please contact us.

Examples of Local Community projects
Supporting the West Kent Crossroads Young Carers charity. This has traditionally involved activities such as canoeing, archery, bowling and a boat trip on the Medway on the Kingfisher Trust boat (disabled parents/siblings are given the opportunity to go out with their young carers as a family).

Maidstone Alzheimer’s Association Supporting and attending meetings of the association. Rotary Wood Working with the other Maidstone Rotary clubs and Gallaghers to establish a wooded area.

Litter Collection
Again working with the other clubs in Maidstone walking along part of the banks of the Medway, clearing litter and getting some gentle exercise.

Examples of National & International projects
A long-running world-wide Rotary project aiming to eliminate this deadly disease. Since 1998 new cases of polio have been reduced by over 99%. In recent years we have planted nearly 10,000 purple crocus corms in Tovil, East Farleigh and around Maidstone to mark annual Polio Day. Purple For Polio represents the ink dye put on the finger of each child immunised against Polio in the few countries where this disease still persists.

Swim Relay
An event organised and run by our club members for 3 years, where sponsored teams swim as many lengths as possible in 30 minutes. Money raised is split between Children in Need and teams' nominated charities

A charity established by a Rotary club in Cornwall that provides emergency shelter and tools for families robbed of their homes by disaster. Our club regularly contributes to the cost of support boxes.

A school established in Sierra Leone by a Rotarian from Huntingdon. Our club is helping to fund a new sanitation block and one of our members plans to visit the school in 2018.

Examples of Fun and Fellowship projects
Our club is twinned with a Rotary club in Holland. On alternate years we visit them and they visit us when we can develop international friendships within Rotary

Hazlitt Theatre Visits
Around twice a year we have a group visit to see the Willington Players at the Hazlitt Theatre in Maidstone. As well as supporting the local theatre group this also raises funds for our club.

Trip to France
A day trip to France for those that enjoy French cuisine, wine and driving on the wrong side of the road
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